Body Sugaring is a holistic method of hair removal that consists of lemon sugar and water that dates back to Cleopatra.

FUN FACT  When Cleopatra was getting married her mom, grandmothers, and Aunts would make a sugar paste and remove all her body hair as a wedding gift to her.

Fast forward to 2022 and the choices to remove unwanted body hair includes body sugaring, wax, laser, or electrolysis and shaving.

Body Sugar paste is made with lemon sugar and water. There are no petroleum by-products, no cotton strips or sticks used therefore less waste in the landfillls.

The sugar paste gently exfoliates only dead skin cells resulting in a much gentler sugaring even on delicate skin tissue areas like eyebrows and bikinis.

Many clients report a noticeable reduction in the overall hair re growth after 2-3 treatments and in many cases diminishment while improving the condition of their skin without the big $$$ tag associated with other body hair removal alternatives.

Have you tried body sugaring yet?